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  1. rhonda sanders

    We are looking to do a family cookbook of my grandmothers recipes for Xmas. Can only one person input recipes to one computer or can several family members input from there home? Is the recipe input a simple layout That anyone could do? Thank you

    1. Laurence Martocq

      Hi Rhonda,

      Thanks for your question. Our program allows for as many contributors as you like to participate in the process of building a cookbook. Entering a recipe is easy and each participant can also add photos and a story if they wish. The account holder is the main editor for the book and can edit everyone’s text.
      Hope this helps:)

  2. Rowan

    Hi, I’d like to sign up for the free trial period but when filling out the form I noticed I have to check off the box that says: “I have carefully reviewed the Terms and Conditions above. On registering the HeritageCookbook.com program, I hereby agree to the terms and conditions as set out under the Disclaimer”. However, I cannot find said Terms and Conditions anywhere on your website, even when I click on the Terms and Conditions tab at the bottom.

    1. Virginie Martocq

      Hi Rowan,
      Thanks for pointing that out- the link must have broken!
      Why don’t I set up an account for you in the back end, which does not require for you to check off that box. Would that work for you? Send me an e-mail with the e-mail you want your account set up with.


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