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  1. nikki clark

    I started a cookbook in 2011 but let my membership run out in 2011/ do u think u still have it in your files? I just rejoined.

  2. Diana

    My family worked together to create a cookbook. Your site made it so easy for us to work together from each of ours home in the world. We were so pleased to receive our cookbook last week, they look wonderful! It will be a family treasure for years to come.

  3. Mary Olsen

    We just received the cookbooks! We are very pleased with the quality, and I can’t wait to hand them out as gifts at our family Christmas gathering. I’ve already used the book several times as I prepare for the big dinner. Thanks for providing such a fun and easy site.

  4. Karen

    I am heading up making a big family cookbook but have realized that I also will want one of my own with all of the recipes I use on a daily basis. Is it possible to make a copy of my cookbook file once I have entered in my recipes so that I only have to do it once? So far I am the first person to contribute recipes, so I would love to copy it soon before everyone else adds their recipes. Thanks!

  5. Holly

    So pleased wit the quality of these books! Excited to hear the reactions of the family members getting them for Mother’s Day. Thank you for your promptness to respond to questions & the quality of your product. I’ll be sure to recommend you!

    1. Virginie Martocq

      If you don’t complete your book, you can buy some time to continue your book. Even if you let your trial expire, we keep your book on file for when you come back to it…

  6. Shelby

    I plan to design my own cover for a wirobound book. Is there any way to have the cover design wrap over onto the spine or will the spine be blank? Will the back of the book be blank also? I do think it would be helpful to have the exact dimensions posted somewhere on the site for those who would like to upload their own cover designs, not just the resolution. It looks (from the pdf preview) that the books are 5.5×8.5″ but I can’t be sure. Would you please advise? Thank you!

    1. Virginie Martocq

      Hi Shelby,
      Send me an e-mail and I will send you specs for a wrap around cover. The size depends on how many pages you have as that affects the width of the spine. But yes, it’s possible to have a design on the back!

    1. Ann Chrysler

      I have a cookbook I printed myself several years ago. It has often been suggested I publish it. However, I no longer have the typed version, only the printed copies. Does that work for being published.

      1. Virginie Martocq

        Hi Ann,
        No, I’m afraid you will have to get access to the original version someone- we print from digital files….I don’t think we could even scan and re-print it….

  7. marsha henderson

    I have a group of friends who are interested in creating a cookbook and your site seems quite interesting. How can I experience the quality of a typical book? Can I purchase a printed book or do you have samples of covers and page quality? Thanks for your reply.

      1. Sydney Speece


        Do you still send samples in the mail? If so, I would love to experience the quality of the books as well! I am looking into doing my own family cookbook soon. Thank you!

  8. Martha Getchell

    Was so excited to get my cookbooks today and can’t tell you enough how absolutely beautiful they were!! The quality and workmanship was superb, and the website was so user friendly that it made it a joy to do! These are Christmas gifts for my brothers and sisters so will have to fill you in later on how they like them but I can tell you now, these will be the best present they get and am sure there will be tears. Thank you so much for such a lasting gift to pass on to family members. I have nothing but high praise for your company and the outstanding job they do. Thanks again! Martha

  9. Debi Johnson

    I want to thank you for the most wonderful customer service that I have experienced in a very long time. I have been working on my cookbook for months. It is a Christmas present for my kids. The cutoff date for Christmas delivery was December 1. Unfortunately I was unable to meet that deadline and didn’t send my book in until December 9. I was floored when on December 11 I received notification that my books were shipped that morning and that I would have them by December 17. I received them on December 16. The books are amazing. The quality is fantastic and I have already recommended you to several of my friends who are thinking of doing the same thing for their families. I do have one observation though. Fortunately when the delivery man came to my door my son was not at home and the delivery was made to the apartment office. When I got the box I was surprised to see in huge letters “YOUR COOKBOOKS HAVE ARRIVED!” on the outside of the box. If my son had taken delivery he would have known what his present was. Please don’t put references to cookbooks on the outside especially around the holidays. Other than that I am so pleased with your company and service and will continue to recommend you to anyone who asks. Thank you and Happy Holidays! Debi

  10. Mary

    How do we get original recipe cards into digital format so that they look original but print clearly? Also, is it possible to do a ring binder format?

    1. Virginie Martocq

      Hi Mary,
      The best thing to do, if you want your recipes to appear the way they do on the cards, would be to scan them and then enter them as jpgs.
      Yes, we can do a three ring binder for you if you like!

  11. Mr Archie

    Hello good morning my name is Mr. Archie Johnson
    I’m looking for a very particular program on C.D
    I am create small family cookbooks
    If I ordered this program how much will it cost?
    Please let me know.
    That would give beautiful revolutions in pictures where I can paste pictures in
    This is a sizable like to have this book 5 x 7 the cookbook.
    I hope you have this program, for me
    Without contact the recipes in and print them out and made lovely books for the families
    My computer is about five years old it is window vista I believe I can use your program
    Please e-mail me back to let me know that it is okay if I ordered this CD
    From your company.

  12. Pam Owen

    I received my books yesterday I think the package was left by my front door and it rained alot. by the way our back porch has a cover in entire length of house My husband asked this morning what in the box. when we picked it up if fell apart ,I thank who ever packed this did it very well because the 2 box was completely dry thank you great packer ….I open them and I tottaly love my cook books It alot of hard work but I plan on giving these this coming 2015 Christmas presents lot of my grandmothers n my mothers recipes I hope my daughter in laws and some day my granddaughter will appreciate having these special recipes someday …LOVE THEM .thank you so very much and again thanks for the great packing Pam Owen

  13. Trellyn

    I cannot sing enough praises about this site! I put together a family cookbook and was SO impressed at how easy it was. The hardest part was collecting recipes and proof reading, but this part was a breeze! The books are absolutely beautiful, even more than I imagined and the price can’t be beat. I cannot wait to hand out these books to my family, I am so proud of them. I will definitely be back again if I ever decide to make another one and will absolutely be recommending this website. Thank you for making a big project a piece of cake!

  14. T.

    I will be printing a collection of family recipes, as a paper book. I would like to know if you also offer ebook versions. Thanks.

  15. Bertram

    I enjoyed reading through your guidelines to begin a recipe book.
    I planned our attempt at this project in much the same way and presented it at our Family Reunion (approx 300+ people).
    Each member/family got a recipe template for submitting any recipe of choice. This was helpful when they all came back to us in the same order we wanted it aligned for printing purposes. The template made it much easier to retype those that were submitted in longhand by the more elderly or those who hadn’t any access to a computer.

  16. Valerie

    Is there a phone number I can call. I received my order yesterday and the pages are falling out. I only had 12 books but would really like to get this resolved so they are back for Christmas.

  17. Leanne

    This site is AMAZING! I really can’t say enough good things about my experience. Virginie was amazing to work with as she ALWAYS responded to my emails or questions very quickly.

    As I’m writing this, I have tears in my eyes. My grandmother passed away from ALS last year. My WHOLE family was extremely devastated as she is the glue that held us all together. She was a second mom to me and my family chose to give me all of her recipe books. This website has been such a blessing for me as it made everything so easy for me to be able to compile all of her recipes into such a beautiful book that I will be giving to my family as a surprise for Christmas.

    Now every year we can get together and keep my grandmother’s holiday-baking-traditions living on. Not to mention that the books are absolutely stunning and they got here in record time with such an amazing price.

    I would recommend this site 100 times over. Thank you everyone for all that you contributed in helping produce this book and get it to me in time for Christmas <3

  18. Deborah Creaven

    Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I was working in a very tight time frame and you absolutely delivered. Everyone had their copy of the family cookbook for Christmas. The whole family loved it. The quality surpassed my expectations. Thank you again! I am planning on a new book that is a total family collaborative effort. I am excited to see how it comes out.

  19. Nancy

    The cookbook my sisters and I created is absolutely beautiful. I had no idea it would be so professionally done. I gave a copy to each of my sons and their families for Christmas, and they each said it was their favorite present. Thank you so much for the experience. I feel as if we’ve truly created a family heirloom!

  20. Mable Hesmer

    I am unable to reach you through email. Your address disappears when I press Sent, so it is impossible to send. I have a problem in that there is no Browse Button on my Recipe Page and therefore ! am unable to use your directions as to how to add a picture to a page or divider. Could you please explain this to me? I am trying to complete my cookbook.


    I created and paid for my cookbook months ago and haven’t received it and there’s no phone number or email to contact you. Can you look me up by my email and let me know what happened? I tossed my recipes because I knew the book would be coming, and now I wish I hadn’t done that.

  22. Lisa

    I still have 27 days left for my trial membership but already want to cancel it. I don’t like your format and wasn’t happy with you cover choices. How do I cancel?

  23. Hannah Aubrey Almonte

    To Whom It May Concern:
    What happens when the 30-day trial ends and the book hasn’t been finished? What are the price rangers and offers and benefits of your software with the paid memberships? Thank you.

    1. Virginie Martocq

      Hi Hannah,
      Once you have made your book, you can let your membership expire. You can still re-order at any time, even if the membership has expired. Any new member gets 30 days free to make their books- that gives you access to our professionally designed templates, layout and photography- if you need more time after that, you can just buy as much as you need to get your book done.

  24. RANEE


    1. Virginie Martocq

      Hi Ranee,
      Best thing to do is to copy and paste both of those symbols from word (although the 1/2 should automatically be formatted, but if that’s not working, copying from word will).

  25. Crystal Agar

    So far my experience has been very enjoyable. I have 140 pages in my book so far. However, I have not been able to reach you by email. I have tried 3 time in June. Is there a way to underline or bold text? Can extra pages be inserted at the beginning of each section rather than at the end of the section? Thank you.

          1. Crystal Agar

            I checked my spam. No email. I am looking for something from Virginie…correct? I have been checking. I received an email from you originally so it should come in.

  26. Margaret Michaels

    I gave a cookbook to each of my brothers and my sister, along with all the grandchildren of Mom’s / Grandma’s recipes. Everyone just loved it! Mom passed away 3 years ago and this was such a great remembrance of all the love she put into all she did. Thank you!

  27. Catherine white

    Hello Virginie
    My beautiful family cookbooks arrived today. They are more beautiful then I imagined. All the long months putting all the recipes and photos together have been so worth it. You have made my 82 year old mother of ten a very happy lady. I would recommend your website to anyone as it it so user friendly. It allowed me to insert 54 hand written recipes of my mothers which was a highlight for our family to have our mothers hand writing. A real treasure!
    Thanks a million

  28. Grace Ann Lockwood

    I have some questions. Is there someone I could call and talk to about putting together a book?

    Grace Ann Lockwood

  29. kim tomassi

    I made a family cookbook 10 years ago for my grandmother’s 90th birthday and it was a huge hit! A family member lost their copy in a move – would it be possible for you to reprint some?


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